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March 20, 2012

Google charges to the Maps API

Filed under: Business — Tags: , , — Jerri Lily @ 6:02 pm

Google was satisfied with the Google Maps satellite products to show the start-up companies, to establish contact with new users. However, the latest news, the company has proposed a new scheme to allow such products to be self-financing. Google had already begun to frequently use the Maps application program interface. Apple and Foursquare quite unhappy, and reduce dependence on Google, so instead of using the open source map OpenStreetMap service.

This short-sighted behavior of Google in the long term to the company’s business harm, because the OpenStreetMap users will continue its data quality improvement, one day that their services will be better than Google Maps. Who is the next company to abandon the Google Maps?

Google Maps application programming interface has free long-term, it is trying to attract more users to replace the MapQuest and Yahoo. At the beginning in early March of this year, the service daily click on the Maps application program interface page more than 25,000 users costs $ 4, $ 8 or $ 10, and now Google has introduced Premier Tier service. Apple and Foursquare are seeking to reduce dependence on Google Maps, and other large companies may also follow suit. Yelp has been successfully listed, investors could push the company to look for free alternatives.

U.S. tech site Digtal Trends, a comprehensive analysis of past and present of the map industry in this morning. The site explains that, Foursquare, is through a named MapBox the company to improve the data obtained from OpenStreetMap, and Apple may be through the C3 Technologies, acquired companies, increasing 3D graphics capabilities.

Because of this, Google will face great challenges in this industry. OpenStreetMap is completely free, but if the user’s data continue to improve OpenStreetMap data, the OpenStreetMap will reap the profits. If someone enhanced the OpenStreetMap data quality with a satellite, street, comments and other information, all of the map will benefit. With more and more customers switch to OpenStreetMap’s services, the OpenStreetMap quality of service is getting better and better, and ultimately produce a snowball effect, that is, over time, their services will become increasingly attractive.

Although Google Maps is the best one, but the long-term perspective on the Google Maps application interface charges that may affect the future development of the search giant. One day, even small customers also may abandon Google Maps, turn to the OpenStreetMap, making it more popular with users. This in turn may hurt Android, the Android fate is closely related to the future with Google.

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