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February 5, 2012

Rowlett Plumbing- Fitting a Sink or Basin

Filed under: Business — Tags: — Jason Flores @ 10:39 am

Turn off water supply and drain the system prior to doing repairs on the sink or basin.

It is most often more uncomplicated to cut the old supply and waste lines and the bolts fastening the fitting when replacing an old sink or basin with a new one rather than trying to remove them. It is often unattainable and wearisome to loosen old and corroded fixtures. Saw off the water lines where it is accessible both at this part and later when a new one will be installed. Fixtures can generally be easier to remove when the old fitting is off the wall which makes it possible to be used again.

Verify that the replacement sink or basin fits correctly prior to beginning any plumbing repairs. Set up the mountings by repairing wall mounts, checking the location of the pedestal and drilling mounting holes, checking the location of the sink unit and drilling any necessary holes in it for the water lines.

It is common for plumbing pipes to be maneuverable which makes them easy to install in wherever place you want them. But this is not the case for waste pipes as they most often than not have a permanent place and inclination. Thus, it is necessary that the planned new sink or basin location should be checked in order to make sure that the waste pipes can be attached correctly. It is possible to solidify bits and pieces of waste fittings for use on sinks, baths and basins which makes a piece of waste pipe as handy as pieces of hand-bendable copper pipes.

Finish all plumbing works possible and connect the waste outlet prior to putting a new unit into place. Ceramic sinks typically require that a slotted waste outlet be used as they generally have a built-in overflow. In order to fasten this to the sink’s shell, plumbing mastic should be used. Place the waste outlet in a position wherein the slot in it corresponds with the one from the overflow in the sink then fasten it with the supplied washers and back-nut. Be careful when tightening as the basin may crack when over tightened. Clean up the excess mastic.

Stainless steel basins also have an overflow hole but the overflow pipe is connected to the waste outlet. Using the supplied plastic washers which comes with the sink to fasten the outlet and overflow inlet to the basin’s surface is usually sufficient.

After that, install the faucets. It is generally a good plan to connect ‘tails’ first to make the installation of the taps to the supply lines simpler. The short length of hand-bendable copper tube which connects the taps to the tap connectors are what the tails are. Fitting the tails to the supply lines even after the sink or basin has been installed is simpler as the tails are flexible.

The most typical turn around when installing a pedestal wash basin is to cross the supply pipes to the back of the pedestal so that the pipes remain well concealed and at the same time avoiding too many stiff curves in the pipes.

Lastly, put the unit into place whilst making certain that it is fastened properly before attaching the water and waste lines. A pedestal basin can be generally installed to its pedestal with plumbing mastic while some sinks have a special procedure for attaching the basin and pedestal together. One more thing, make sure to refit or re-bend the pipes as required so as to make certain that there is no tension on any of the pipes and linkages.

Fit battens on stud parts of the walls as it is necessary for them to be fastened rigidly regardless of whether it is a pedestal or wall-hung sink.

Learn more about Rowlett Plumbing . Stop by Jason Flores’s site where you can find out all about Plumbing and what it can do for you.

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