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June 30, 2010

The New Era Of The GMAT

Filed under: Business — Tags: , , , , , , — Zeke Lee @ 5:17 am

Immensely by going international, GMAT is ready to undergo one of its greatest makeovers since its alteration in PC format in late 90 's, with a new section to replace one of two pieces of writing and adding an acoustic component to some questions in the exam. Since it was established in the annual business forum in San Diego, this change will come into force in 2012. However, this change does not manipulate the verbal and math section.

This change is the result of requests from business schools to integrate the sections that increase or test those skills which are widely used in business management program. The new exchange will give the contenders a clear view of what goes into classrooms MBA and instigate them to thrive rather than just survive.

The new organization, having been tested by industry specialists, test makers and students, will be launched June 4, 2012. After you integrate technology in the audio test, GMAT will surely stand apart from other ITS competitive counterparts, and will definitely be preferred as a placement test for the estimated business schools worldwide.

The new exchange has involved data points recognition reports, tables and graphs clarification, understanding and critical analysis spreadsheet that will reveal the best candidate. The ear new 'learning bit ' also carried a new dimension to its potential as a worthy candidate to be admitted in B-school, focusing on its ability to solve problems and logical thinking.

The outcome of these tests GMAT reflect candidate 's efficiency in the areas of analytical thinking and organizing information. GMAC looks like this change, it is a step, not to replace the old characteristics of the GMAT, but to increase them.

[Youtube: tj0-c3imXoM; [link: Test GMAT Review]]

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