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January 13, 2012

What are giving for free European Governments to their companies

To develop coaching for workers has been always a good attempt for improving business results. That is one reason (also unemployement) due to that public executives in Europe have promoted this type of coaching. Regardless of if that’s a public matter, private affiliations and corporations are allowed to offer coaching, being it free also for employees and companiesand called “Cursos subvencionados para trabajadores en activo” (That is “Bonified courses for active workers” Let’s see how it works.

A concrete example:Spain

If we take a company with at least 5 years of expertise, we can see they should ideally provide training to people and companies, consistent with full current topics in business management. The coaching should make sure that acclimatizing to change, wanted to increase competitiveness and profitability of enterprises and private and professional development of employees.

The coaching offer: what's requested by corporations and employees ?

There are four areas where this kind of coaching is the king:

– Practical training, being that of high quality and entirely tailored to the needs of business.
– Training at no cost to the employee and the company, 100% tempered by public administrations, like European Union.
– Wide offer for location: in-house training courses, remote learning, multimedia courses, e-learning and coaching through virtual lecture room.
– Prestigious coaching among companies with at least more than 1,000 scholars enrolled in the calls.

What's the bonus for business coaching?

Training is one of the most significant inversions, yet most workers required by all organizations, sizeable companies, SMEs, associations, foundations and nongovernmental setups (NGO s).

One of the interesting things is the usage of new technologies and Digital Marketing. Instruments like Social media networks are a reallity also for developing the courses or advertising them.

For more modest institutions, training of its assets remains in the background due to the high cost of delivery of the same, making it difficult task and most organizations aren't aware that there's the chance of providing coaching to its staff bonus and lose annual credit they deserve. Hre, in this kins of courses, they can afford what they are hunting for.

Abel Pardo Fernandez is CEO of Aigen Digital Marketing and Professor of Marketing Digital at the University of Leon

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