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March 11, 2012

White Gold Bangles Which Have The Wow Factor

Filed under: Sales — Tags: , , , , , , , , , , — Adrian Jones @ 6:55 pm

Make a Visible Impact With White Gold Bangles

Whether on white gold bangles or silver bangles, the trendy Finnish Beast style and design from the Orkney Isles is a striking item which offers a powerful wow factor. This is just perfect for the Xmas party season or as a gift all set to wear for Hogmanay.

This wonderful animal was etched on the hilt of an ancient sword unearthed in Suontaka, Finland. It evokes the golden ages of the Norse way of life and linked potent and mystical mythology. This culture was such a great influence in Orkney and stays so till this very day.

Originally found in the grave of a Finnish Viking princess or noblewoman in Suontaka, Finland, and dating back to the mid-10th century, this sword with its bronze hilt has a grace and beauty around the legendary beasts. It certainly had great meaning and a relationship with the woman who was buried with these grave goods.

There were warrior females who learned soldiering skills. Perhaps she was a warrior princess in those turbulent times. She was laid to rest in armour and had two swords at her feet. Perhaps she was buried following a battle.

Saxo Grammaticus, wrote of such renowned warrior women in his History of the Danes. “There were once women in Denmark who outfitted themselves to appear like men and spent almost every minute cultivating soldier’s skills,” he wrote. “Those especially who had powerful personas or were tall and stylish set out on this way of life. As if they were forgetful of their true selves they put toughness before appeal, aimed at conflicts as an alternative to kisses, tasted blood, not lips, sought the clash of arms rather than the arm’s embrace …”

White Gold Bangles – as Powerful since the Sword

The sword that’s inspired the Finnish beast white gold bangles and silver bangles has two entwined dragons or beasts on the cross, carved in the Urnes style of the 1200′s. This style often features ribbon-bodied animals, entwined with interlacing tendrils. The lines of ornament and scrolling curls are typical of the Scandinavian Urnes Style, which is named after the wooden designs and carvings at the church of Urne in Norway. It shows the highly proficient, final progression of Germanic animal art in Viking regions.

If you love mythic beasts of the Norse variety you could add to your look with something from the Maeshowe range. This would match the Finnish Beast really well. The Maeshowe dragon was carved into the stone of a Neolithic burial place by Viking raiders who wanted to leave their mark. Happily they did this with attractive carvings.

Many modern-day sword smiths have recreated the breathtaking Norse craftsmanship with replications . in silver. However the Orkney Finnish Beast interpretation in white gold bangles, brooches and earrings are a long-standing selection of much sought-after jewelry.

Set free the animal in you! Take a look at the appearance of our white gold bangles and silver bangles and marvel at the craftsmanship.

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