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Australia >> New South Wales >> Hunter >> Thornton >> Nurseries Retail >> Tranquil Havens

Tranquil Havens Nurseries Retail Thornton Directory listings — The Free Nurseries Retail Thornton Business Directory listings

Tranquil Havens ...

Nurseries Retail

Tranquil Havens ...

Tranquil Havens Nurseries Retail Thornton Directory listings — The Free Nurseries Retail Thornton Business Directory listings  Rating from 7 votes

12 Singleton Avenue, Thornton
NSW - 2322

Phone 0410663135
Email mail@tranquilhavens.com.au
Website www.tranquilhavens.com.au

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» Nurseries Retail
Tranquil Havens Nurseries Retail Thornton Directory listings — The Free Nurseries Retail Thornton Business Directory listings  logo

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  Tranquil Havens exotic grasses  

Korean Velvet Grass ( Zoysia Tenuifolia )

Dwarf Mondo Pavers

Dwarf Mondo Grass Mass Planting

Dwarf Mondo Plants

Dwarf Mondo Grass ( Ophiopogon Japonicus Nanus )

  • Pay online with PayPal, Credit Card or Direct Debit
  • Delivered direct to your door - usually despatched the next day
  • If you are a Landscaper, we can deliver direct to your job site (Sydney & Hunter) with little or no notice
  • We can Deliver Direct from our Growers to certain areas of Australia. This can result in a significant reduction to the Pot Price, so make sure you enquire before making your Payment.
  • Our Pot Rate reduces for multiple purchases so please request a Discounted Invoice before finalising your purchase.


Zoysia Tenuifolia is known by many Common Names including;

  • Korean Velvet Grass
  • No Mow Grass
  • Mascarene Grass
  • Temple Grass

Zoysia Tenuifolia is mainly utilised as a ground cover in Oriental Gardens, among rocks and ponds, and makes a spectacular architectural specimen as it can also grow over rocks and other structures in the garden. It is also used to great effect when planted between pavers.

Anyone who has visited the Hunter Valley Gardens will tell you it looks magnificent in the oriental setting.

Zoysia Tenuifolia is also a great lawn and sloping bank grass species, but is much more appealing when used as an ornamental grass ground cover, as it possesses an unusual clumping or mounding appearance.

It makes an excellent ground cover for Japanese style gardens where you want to simulate a moss style landscape or where trees make establishing a conventional lawn difficult.

Zoysia Tenuifolia is mainly used as a ground cover because of its tendency to grow in an undulating way, creating ripples and small hills right up to the trunks of trees in deep shade. Because they have such good shade tolerance, newly established Zoysias will easily adjust to shading as the surrounding Shrubs and trees mature.

Zoysia grasses are fairly drought-tolerant and can remain green for four to five weeks without water, even on a sand-based soil. They cope so well with drought because they in-roll their leaves to conserve moisture and develop a very deep root system.


A species of Ophiopogon native to Japan, is a hardy plant with shiny dark green leaves that will tolerate very dry conditions and is frost tolerant.

Dwarf Mondo is normally grown as an ornamental plant and makes an excellent groundcover.
Dwarf Mondo will flourish in full sun or shade; tolerate poor soils, over watering or over fertilizing. It multiplies rapidly to form a dense, dark green border. It also looks fabulous when planted en-masse.
If you are not a gardener then Dwarf Mondo Grass is the plant for you. Dwarf Mondo needs virtually no maintenance and will multiply quickly to form a beautiful garden border.

Dwarf Mondo grows to approximately 75mm (3") tall and makes a very trendy Landscape Grass as it can be planted around pavers, concrete tiles and slabs or in rockeries to soften the sometimes harsh appearance of these structures.

They will thrive in a range of soils but to keep them looking their Dark Green / Shiny best, try to water them at least every three or four days during any really hot or dry periods.

further information


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Tranquil Havens Nurseries Retail Thornton Directory listings — The Free Nurseries Retail Thornton Business Directory listings  Korean Grass
Korean Grass

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