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Australia >> Victoria >> Melbourne >> Carlton >> Fire Protection Equipment Consultants >> Fire Central Pty Ltd

Fire Central Pty Ltd Fire Protection Equipment Consultants Carlton Directory listings — The Free Fire Protection Equipment Consultants Carlton Business Directory listings

Fire Central Pty Ltd ...

Fire Protection Equipment & Consultants

Fire Central Pty Ltd ...

333 Drummond Street, Carlton
VIC - 3053

Phone 1300 614 998
Email khurram@firecentral.com.au
Website https:

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» Fire Protection Equipment & Consultants
Fire Central Pty Ltd Fire Protection Equipment  Consultants Carlton Directory listings — The Free Fire Protection Equipment  Consultants Carlton Business Directory listings  logo

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Fire Central has built a strong reputation for excellence in the fire protection system. Over the years, our company has grown steadily, evolving into a trusted partner for fire detection systems, Esm maintenance, Ewis Systems, and fire suppression systems.At Fire Central, our mission is to ensure the safety and security of our clients by offering innovative and reliable fire protection solutions. We strive to exceed industry standards and provide peace of mind to our customers.Our Services:Fire Extinguishers and Blankets: We offer a wide range of fire extinguishers tailored to specific needs, ensuring that businesses and individuals are prepared for any fire emergency.Fire Alarm Systems: Our advanced fire alarm systems are designed to promptly detect and alert occupants to potential fire hazards.Fire Sprinkler Systems: We install and maintain fire sprinkler systems that provide rapid and effective fire suppression.Fire Hydrant Systems: We specialise in designing fire hydrant block plans, installation, testing and commissioning of fire hydrant systems that comply with Australian Standard AS2419 and Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements.Fire Suppression Systems: Fire Central can design, install, inspect and service any specialty fire suppression system that usually has four key components, i.e. Detection, Control Panel, Suppression System and Monitoring.Why choose us for the Fire Protection System?Our diverse clientele includes businesses of all sizes, homeowners, property managers, and industrial facilities. We cater to various sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, education, and manufacturing.Our dedicated team of professionals at Fire Central is committed to fire safety excellence. We look forward to serving your fire protection needs and ensuring the safety of your assets and loved ones. Contact us today for a consultation or to learn more about our comprehensive fire safety solutions. Your safety is our priority.

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